Oh You Beauty!: Best Goals of the Week 5/18/2015

This best goals of this week come to us mostly from the Premier League. With Southampton shipping six past a weak Aston Villa and Liverpool being shocked by a determined Crystal Palace, there were plenty of quality goals to choose from.

5. Danny Rose vs Hull City

This goal is all about the chipped assist. Danny Rose does well to side-volley the shot in after making a great run and receiving the ball, but full credit to Ryan Mason. He absolutely made that goal.

4. Leroy Fer vs Newcastle

I think we can expect this to raise Fer’s price in the summer when he inevitably leaves QPR. Aged only 25, but relegated twice, Fer is a player of undoubted ability but has a habit of drifting in and out of games. He decides to turn the skill on here, though, with one of his best goals. Receiving the ball in midfield, Fer turns and lifts the ball over the keeper from far out. Well hit.

3.Jason Puncheon vs Liverpool

This is the goal that sealed the Champions League race for Liverpool. There were a few times where they might have gotten another, but really, you never got the feeling that they would. It’s a shame that this is how Steven Gerrard’s last game at Anfield went. But you can’t even be mad about this goal. An expertly taken freekick. Simon Mignolet, who has been in great form lately, had no chance of saving it.

2. Shane Long vs Aston Villa

With six goals being scored, we all knew one of the Southampton goals were appearing on this list. It was mathematically certain. Well, this is one of the best goals I’ve seen Shane Long score, definitely one of the best goals Southampton have scored this season. Shane Long does well to steal the ball from the Villa midfielder. When he turns and sees a defender in front of him, instead of passing or trying to beat the player, he just shoots it. It works. It’s almost like that scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indy is blocked by a showboating swordsmen and instead of a flashy fight, just shoots him. Yeah. Exactly like that.

1. Anthony Mounier vs PSG

What a goal. What a hit. I thought the play was over when Mounier received the pass. It was a poor pass, but Mounier does well to trap the ball. I’m not sure if he was trying to cross the ball in or actually shoot, but he’ll be telling friends that it was always going to be a shot. And what a beautiful shot it was. The shot is curled in from the wing and completely catches PSG’s keeper, Sirigu, unaware. Definitely one of the best goals of the season.

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