LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND – MARCH 01: Philippe Coutinho #10 (C) of Liverpool celebrates with teammates after scoring his team’s second goal during the Barclays Premier League match between Liverpool and Manchester City at Anfield on March 1, 2015 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

Oh You Beauty!: Goals of the Week of 3/2/2015

5. Luis Muriel vs Atalanta

Luis Muriel is one of those players that is always looked at through the lens of potential. Much like Mario Balotelli, Antonio Cassano, or Alexandre Pato, the conversation usually turns towards what could have been or what still may be. This goal gives a glimpse of the immense talent Muriel has. If he can score these goals more often, and take a more professional approach to his physicality, he may start to live up to the lofty comparisons he’s received his entire career.

4. Felix Kroos vs Wolfsburg

Another Kroos? This one seems intent on making it out from his big brother’s shadow and this long range strike is a great start. He was perhaps a little lucky that the defender couldn’t couldn’t clear the shot off the line. You could also argue that it was down to the sheer power he put on the shot as well. All in all, great goal from a promising youngster.

3. Felipe Anderson vs Sassuolo

This was a magnificent goal. It was probably a little unlucky to not make the top of the list, but credit where it’s due. It just got scored on the wrong week. Anderson does well to control the ball after a poor clearance from the Sassuolo defense. What’s great about this shot is that Anderson doesn’t have to crack the shot. He almost hits a lazy, looping ball straight into the goal. A thing of beauty.

2. Jordan Henderson vs Manchester City

At least one of the Liverpool goals from the game against Manchester City were making this list. They probably both deserve to be on. This one was well controlled by Henderson. His touch away from Vincent Kompany gives him a ton of space before he absolutely cracks the ball into the net. Not saying Henderson is Liverpool’s next Gerrard, but in his prime, Gerrard would have been proud of that goal.

1. Philippe Coutinho vs Manchester City

Okay, usually, we only do one goal per team each week. That way we don’t show favoritism, etc etc. That’s more of a guideline, though, because both goals were great. This goal was one of a kind. Watch Coutinho’s little stepover-cutback combination that he uses to get space for the shot. Check out the power he puts behind the hit. Gaze at the accuracy that he’s lacked for much of his career. They say Phil Coutinho can only score amazing goals. Scary thing is, they are becoming more regular.

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