Oh You Beauty!: Goals of the Week 4/20/2015

5. Leroy Sane vs Wolfsburg

The move is started off with a great run from Leroy Sane, who bursts into the Wolfsburg half in a lightning paced counterattack. I’m not quite sure if the moves he pulls to beat the three defenders was on purpose or accidental but it looked pretty all the same. Quality goal.

4. James Rodriguez vs Malaga

This is just a beautifully worked, mechanically performed goal. James Rodriguez does well to find two teammates who both give him well weighted layoffs that breaks through a packed Malaga defense. A great start to an exciting game.

3. Luis Suarez vs PSG

This goal is what Luis Suarez is all about. Pace, power, and precision. He performs a lovely one-two and then sprints towards the net. He then leaves David Luis looking stupid with a brilliant bit of footwork before capping the run off with a great upper-corner goal to beat Sirigu in goal.

2. Obafemi Martins vs Colorado

This goal is all about the turn. 100%. Martins might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if keeps scoring goals like this he’ll light MLS on fire. He traps a chipped pass and turns past a defender in the same move. Wonderful footwork leading to a cleanly finished goal.

1. Sebastian Giovinco vs Dallas

The best word to describe this goal is “cheeky”. Not often heard in the American game, but truly the best word for it. Giovinco used the huge wall to his advantage, with the keeper unable to immediately see he was taking the shot. With the goalie so far on the opposite side of the net and the wall not ready for the shot, a chip was all that was necessary. A powerful freekick isn’t always necessary. Sometimes, a smart shot is much better.

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