CUIABA, BRAZIL – JUNE 24: Jackson Martinez of Colombia (center) celebrates scoring his team’s second goal during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Group C match between Japan and Colombia at Arena Pantanal on June 24, 2014 in Cuiaba, Brazil. (Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images)

Oh You Beauty!: Goals of the Week 5/11/2015

5. David Silva vs QPR

This goal is all about that backheel from Wilfred Bony. Bony has a great positional awareness, and is able to find David Silva happily obliges. His one touch takes him a little too far, where I thought the keeper would cut out the angle, but Silva does really well to turn it into the net.

4. Joao Moutinho vs Marseille

Joao Moutinho is one of those players who was always expected to move to a “big league” but just hasn’t yet. Tremendous player and this goal shows why. After a poor clearance, Mouthinho does well to crack the ball low and hard into the net.

3. Min-Kyu Joo vs Gyeongnam

Now, I’m a little upset, because the only video I could find of this goal was one comparing it to James Rodriguez’s amazing goal from the 2014 World Cup. You know the one. It’s unfortunate, because it’s a truly great goal, albeit uncannily similar to the one Rodriguez scored. Okay, I’ll admit, it’s exactly the same. A goalazo is a goalazo, though, no matter what language you speak.

2. Jermaine Beckford vs Chesterfield

We’ve been getting a lot of these long-range goals lately. Not sure if the players are getting stronger, the balls easier to kick, or if the players are just getting lazier and don’t want to have to run the whole way to score a goal. I’m kidding, but seriously, the accuracy and power that a shot needs to be on target from 50 yards out is incredible. To get it in the literal back corner of the net from that far out is astounding. Bravo, Mr. Beckford. Bravo.

1. Jackson Martinez vs Gil Vicente

Jackson Martinez will probably be one of the big strikers moving this summer, and for good reason. He has a knack for scoring goals of all kinds and is available at the right price. After this goal, expect to see many parties become interested. Only needing the deftest of touches to bring the ball over his head, Martinez proceeds to hit the holy grail of goals with a beautiful bicycle.

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