Oh You Beauty!: Goals of the Week 8/25/2015

5. Luis Suarez vs Athletic Bilbao

The fact that this Luis Suarez goal is at number 5 this week shows how stacked on beautiful goals we are. Alba gives a beautiful cross into Suarez. Luis takes it right out of the air and first-times it right past the keeper.

4. Lassana Diarra vs Troyes

What a powerful shot. Lassana Diarra’s, I bet many of you forgot about him, still got it. This goal shows it. A powerful long goal from way out.

3. Marco Alonso vs AC Milan

This beautiful free kick goal comes courtesy of Marco Alonso of Fiorentina. Alonso smacks the ball high and into the corner, nicking the crossbar as it passes. No keeper in the world would save that.

2. Morten Nordstrand vs F.C. Kaiserslautern

A bicycle kick at number 2? Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. This one comes fresh out of the Danish Superliga. Nordstrand sees the cross coming and in sqaures his shoulders to the net. It’s a perfectly executed bicycle kick. Won’t see many like that…

1. Lucas Ocampos vs Troyes

Except for here. Two bicycle goals for the price of one. Marseille fans certainly got their moneys worth, with two of their six goals making it on to this list. This one is a lot like the previous bicycle kick. I couldn’t really choose between either of them, so technically both are top this week.

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