LONDON, ENGLAND – MARCH 14: Matt Phillips of QPR celebrates his goal during the Barclays Premier League match between Crystal Palace and Queens Park Rangers at Selhurst Park on March 14, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)

Oh You Beauty!: Goals of the Week 3/17/2015

5. Thomas Muller vs Werder Bremen

You can’t give Muller a second chance to get a goal. He’ll get it every time. The first attempt was set up by a wonderful volleyed through ball, but well stopped by the keeper. It almost looks like the attack is over when the ball is cleared to a Werder Bremen defender. A bad touch from the defender falls right to Muller. Muller happily obliges and puts the ball into the net.

4. Wayne Rooney vs Tottenham

Rooney does well to score this goal. It was a fairly easy shot, but it was his work that lead up to the shot that lands it on this list. I’d love to put him higher up, but it comes down to the utterly incompetent defensive display by the Tottenham defense that simply won’t allow me to. Rooney shows great skill and determination, but this goal is spoiled because the Spurs defense didn’t seem to even want the ball. Kind of the whole game in a nutshell, really.

3. George Boyd vs Manchester City

Maybe the goal that ends the title race? Hard to say at this point, but it’s a well driven strike that makes it through two full teams. As the ball pops out of the fray after the initial free kick, you can see there is only one thing on Boyd’s mind. The low shot does well to get through the defense and totally catches Joe Hart out. Credit to Boyd and Burnley. It’s these points that will deservedly keep them in the Premier League this season.

2. Marcelinho vs Panthrakikos

Man, what a strike. Marcelinho does well to get past the Panthrakikos defender, but what puts it on this list is the outstanding shot. Well outside the box, Marcelinho does well to smash the ball and score a cracking goal.

1. Matt Phillips vs Crystal Palace

This year’s goal of the year competition is heating up. There’s just so many excellent goals. There’s not much to say about this goal. Matt Philips gets the ball way out from goal. Farther than he should have been to even be contemplating taking a shot. As in, practically standing on the center circle far out. Then he just smashes it. He hit that like he was a mobster and it owed him money. Somehow, it stays on frame. Better than that, it’s in the upper right 90 of the net. I’m shocked Phillips didn’t just walk off the field after that. Just a “Well, I can’t top that, might as well go home” type of goal.

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