Oh You Beauty: Goals of the Week 4/6/2015 SUPER SIZED EDITION!!!

For our “Oh You Beauty” articles, we typically do a top five but this week was a little different. This week, we had at least five goals that could contend for goal of the season much less goal of the week. So for this week, we’re expanding “Oh You Beauty” to a top 10 because who doesn’t want to see more footage of great goals?

10) Hulk vs. CSKA Moscow

Hulk’s goal against CSKA Moscow was a laser beam into the top of the goal. There just wasn’t anyone that was going to stop that.

9) Javier Morales vs. San Jose Earthquakes

Just like the video, “if at first you don’t succeed…” This goal was much tougher than it looked. Morales’ reaction time was valued the most because he didn’t have much time to get the shot off the rebound. Not only that, Morales drilled it perfectly.

8) Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Granada

If Cristiano Ronaldo is going to score five goals in a game, you can guarantee that one of them is going to be on this list. This is his second goal and in pure Ronaldo fashion, he makes shots like this look so easy when we know they’re not.

7) Alexis Sanchez vs. Liverpool

Now we’re getting into the goal of the season territory. These goals have really gone to another level and would easily win goal of the week if it was any other week. This Sanchez goal which put the nail into the coffin for Liverpool was a fantastic individual effort. Nothing was denying Sanchez with that goal.

6) Bobby Zamora vs. West Brom

This flick from Bobby Zamora just inside the box sealed the deal for QPR’s 3-0 win over West Brom. QPR’s other two goals could’ve been contenders for this list but Zamora’s was ultimately the best out of the three. QPR looked relaxed and played a great game. They certainly didn’t look like a team under pressure to get out of the bottom three.

5) Jermain Defoe vs. Newcastle

In a game that was as hard fought and physical as the Tyne-Wear Derby, this was a goal that was rather uncharacteristic of the game. Defoe picked the ball out of the sky and drilled it into another Derby win for Sunderland.

4) Carlos Tevez vs. Empoli

An indirect free kick from the six yard box is probably the most difficult shot on this list. In a situation like this, you are better off being further away from the goal because the wall is only six yards away and that is a very thin margin of error to put the ball in the roof of the net. This situation rarely happens so whenever someone like Carlos Tevez actually scores a goal like that, it’s on the list.

3) Wayne Rooney vs. Aston Villa

Wayne Rooney has scored some brilliant goals, we have all seen the bicycle kick against Manchester City. This goal ranks right up there with that. The control Rooney has in order to take the extra touch and make his spin, there was just no chance for Aston Villa to block this. It was almost as if they were so mesmerized by Rooney’s game that they failed to try and block the shot.

2) Bafetimbi Gomis vs. Hull

This bicycle kick from Bafetimbi Gomis was sublime. There’s just no other way to describe it like that. The form was just sheer perfection and he crushed Hull with that goal. Simply stunning.

1) Charlie Adam vs. Chelsea

The best of the best. This is Jose Mourinho’s quote on Charlie Adam’s goal.

“Go to Pele to Maradona to Messi, to all these brilliant players. All of them would love to score this goal. Not all of them will score this goal in their career, so it is a magnificent goal.”

When Jose Mourinho is saying that Charlie Adam scored a kind of goal that legends such as Pele, Maradona and Messi would want to score, that sets you on a different standard than any of these other great goals.

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