Oh You Beauty!: Top Goals of the Midweek 12/18

5. Lazar Markovic vs Bournemouth

Lazar Markovic’s first goal for Liverpool. A young player with a lot of promise, Markovic has yet to fully justify his price tag. Having said that, if he keeps this up, he certainly will in no time.


4. Isco vs Almeria

Isco is such a talented player, and he just continues to get better. After a bit of trickiness trying to get space to cross the ball into the center, Isco says “to hell with that” and just takes the shot himself. Good thing he did because it was a magnificent effort that leaves the keeper standing still.


3. Raheem Sterling vs Bournemouth

There were 51 or 52 passes by Liverpool before the goal (81 passes if a slight touch by Dan Gosling early on in the move isn’t counted), and roughly 4 minutes of uninterrupted possession. This was then ended with a beautiful cross and a well-cushioned header, finished off by a diving header.


2. Felipe Luis vs Derby

Chelsea have always had great set piece takers and Felipe Luis is keeping that alive. I mean, that was a tremendous, curling strike. It was a really close call between #1 and #2 and, honestly, this could be top for the week.


1. Ross Barkley vs QPR

What a hit. Barkley hits the ball into the upper-90 of the net, leaving the keeper stretching, but, ultimately, unsuccessful. Ross Barkley’s strike was powerful and there was not much the keeper could do to stop it.

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