Celtic restroom destroyed after Old Firm clash against Rangers

The Old Firm derby is one of the oldest and most heated rivalries in world soccer. Celtic and Rangers have combined for 101 of 120 total Scottish Premiership championships and whether it’s due to domination of Scottish soccer, religious differences (Celtic is Catholic based and Rangers is Protestant based) or the fact that both teams are place in Glasgow, this is much more than a game to many fans. Unfortunately, as what happened today, some people tend to go too far.

After Celtic’s 5-1 win against Rangers in the first Scottish Premiership Old Firm derby in five seasons (Rangers was demoted to the third division due to serious money issues), a restroom in the visitors end of Celtic Park was destroyed after the match as well as other forms of damage in the surrounding area.








This was after Scottish Police Chief Superintendent Brian McInulty said that the “majority of fans behaved well” and that things were “under control.”

McInulty said:

“The vast majority of supporters who attended the match behaved in a responsible manner and enjoyed the event.

“A small number of supporters from both sides, who were clearly intent on causing disorder were intercepted by officers in the Gallowgate area, and those officers ensured that no disorder took place.

“There have been no reports of assaults and the situation is under control.”

That’s technically true and this isn’t the worst thing that fans have done throughout history but it’s still pretty bad.


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