Soccer player intentionally kicks opponent in back, contract terminated

In last nights USL game between the Pittsburgh Riverhounds and New York Red Bulls II (the MLS reserve team), Riverhounds’ striker Romeo Parkes intentionally kicked defender Karl Ouimette causing Ouimette to be taken out on a stretcher. Parkes, who is on the provisional Jamaica roster for the Copa America Centenario this summer, has been indefinitely suspended by USL. The Riverhounds have terminated Parkes’ contract.

Here’s video of the shocking incident. And you can see Parkes violently go into Ouimette.

Not trying to excuse Parkes’ action because there absolutely is no excuse but to potentially put this into context. Late in the game, Red Bulls II were leading 3-1. Both players were given a straight red and like any team would do when leading late, Ouimette took his time to get off the field. Something appeared to be said and taking offense, Parkes violently booted Ouimette in the back and got himself sent off as a result. Again not excusing Parkes’ action because he really should be worried about facing assault charges since he could’ve paralyzed Ouimette but that seems to be what was happening at the game. Good news is that reports show Ouimette traveled with the team back to New York and wasn’t seriously hurt but that looked so violent that it very well could have been serious.

USL wasted little time to immediately and indefinitely suspend Parkes amid a full investigation.

Parkes issued an apology on Twitter saying sorry to just about everyone but Ouimette.

To his credit, Parkes posted that he apologized to Ouimette two hours after his initial apology and claimed Ouimette accepted his apology. Ouimette hasn’t himself responded since the incident.

Apology aside, this is still a very dirty and forgivable thing to do. This can’t even be argued as a part of the game like some would do for a dirty slide tackle or controversial play. This happened at a stoppage of play and Parkes did it while the guy’s back was turned. So it was not only dirty, but cowardly as well.

There’s no doubt Parkes will be suspended for a long time and it appears the Riverhounds have taken matters in their own hands and terminated Parkes’ contract. To me, this is worthy of a lifetime ban from at least USL and ideally, every soccer league in the United States and Canada. If Romeo Parkes wants to play soccer again, he would need to find another country to play in. There is absolutely no excuse for a play like that in any division of soccer.

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