Sydney Leroux Dwyer tells off those criticizing her for being active while pregnant

NWSL and USWNT star Sydney Leroux Dwyer is seven months pregnant and along with her husband, Sporting Kansas City’s Dom Dwyer, the two have been able to still live an active lifestyle even though Sydney is carrying another person.

This prompted some people to get rather mean on social media when Sydney would post herself doing something active like for example, go tubing on a lake with her husband this week. Sydney fired back toward those criticizing with some helpful advice.

If anyone was actually concerned about the health and well being of the Dwyer’s baby, they could probably do it in a nicer way instead of “you just killed your baby.” Oh who am I kidding, it’s social media. May as well talk about unicorns being real instead of everyone being nice on social media because that’s more likely to happen.

Anyway, while it may have been common for the female to be as inactive as possible during pregnancy decades ago, I’m pretty sure that’s not recommended anymore. There’s obviously limitations to what someone can do but I would have to imagine exercising while pregnant has benefits in pregnancy as is the case with those who aren’t pregnant that exercise.

Also, Sydney is a professional soccer player who just won the Women’s World Cup months before getting pregnant. She obviously takes care of her body and is in top shape. If I was a baby, I think I would feel a lot better being in Sydney’s belly than the belly of someone who didn’t take care of themselves by being inactive and eating junk food.

Okay, creepy visual aside, it looks like Sydney is proud to still be able to be active while being seven months pregnant, happy to be pregnant with her first child and the last thing she wants to do is to do anything to harm her unborn child. I can’t say that about other expectant mothers.

It’s widely accepted that smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and drinking lots of caffeine can harm an unborn child but people do it anyway. It may not be as common as back in the 1950’s where it seemed like just about everyone smoked but it happens on occasion from those who don’t have a care in the world about their unborn child. Where are the trolls to yell at them that they just killed their baby? Not that those people deserve to be yelled at either but if anyone deserves a talking to about caring for their unborn baby, I would choose someone like that instead of Sydney Leroux Dwyer.

I’m sure Sydney, like everyone, isn’t perfect and her and Dom are going to make a mistake or two along the way as all parents do. But it seems like they are very happy to be starting a family and wouldn’t do anything to harm their child. I don’t know the Dwyer’s personally but it seems they should have nothing to worry about and their son would be lucky to have them as parents when he is born in September.

[Photo: @sydneyleroux]

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