Martin Scorsese drops Cristiano Ronaldo from his next movie

Cristiano Ronaldo has been trying to get into the film industry for quite some time. He is even coming out with his very own movie about himself.

It seemed as if there were talks to have Ronaldo appear in legendary Director Martin Scorsese’s new film about the life of Alessandro Proto, the supposed inspiration of the male character from “Fifty Shades of Gray.” No, Ronaldo was not playing the lead role. In fact, it seems that there has been a bit of a snag between producers and Ronaldo has been dropped from the film.

There was nothing that Ronaldo actually did that warranted being taken off the film. Ronaldo was supposed to have a small role in “The Manipulator” after a “quid pro quo” between Ronaldo and Scorsese took place when Scorsese thought Ronaldo’s new $18.5 million apaartment in Trump Tower would make for a good filming location and Scorsese offered Ronaldo a part in exchange. Producers nixed the idea because they felt that “Ronaldo would take up too much of the spotlight, and thus distract from the film.”

I guess there is kind of a double edged sword when it comes to that sort of thing. On one hand, having one of the greatest soccer players in the world in your movie for a total of 30 seconds would cast a seemingly unfair shadow over the entire movie and those who have spent months or years working on this. On the other hand, you cannot buy publicity like this. Even a simple glimpse of Ronaldo in a movie, regardles of what he’s doing, is probably worth at least a few million in the box office as well as getting people to talk about it. Heck, we’re talking about this movie even though we wouldn’t have if Ronaldo was in. Although to be fair, we’re talking about this because he’s not in the film now. Either way, Ronaldo’s involvement or uninvolvement is getting us to talk about this film.

Anyway, since it’s a Martin Scorsese film, I’m sure the producers are just fine with promotion that they don’t need to have Ronaldo there to boost the box office stats. Fair enough to them.


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