What an El Clasico win this weekend means to Real Madrid

El Clasico is tomorrow and is one of the most viewed games in the world. On top of this being one of the biggest rivalry games in the world, it almost always becomes a critical game to determine the La Liga winner so each team needs three points. Later today, we’ll write about what an El Clasico win means to Barcelona but right now, here’s what an El Clasico win means to Real Madrid.

Real Madrid sit in 2nd place, three points behind Barcelona. While Real Madrid has one fewer loss than Barcelona, they do have three more draws and two fewer wins so that explains the point gap.

Obviously, a win for Real Madrid means that the La Liga race would tighten up tremendously. The result would put Real Madrid ahead of Barcelona on goal differential and a loss here would mean a six point lead for Barcelona and that would be huge considering the La Liga champion typically loses less than five games a year. Real Madrid cannot afford to lose this.

Not to mention, this is probably the best time yet for Real Madrid to get a win. Barcelona’s best player, Lionel Messi is coming back from injury and even though he is slated to be in the lineup, it’s unknown if he is going to play. If he is, there is definitely going to be some rust (even for Messi) so Real Madrid needs to take advantage of that as they play at the Bernabeu. The oportunity is there, they need to get the result.

An El Clasico win for Real Madrid will also help manager Rafa Benitez keep his job. Real Madrid and Real Madrid fans are used to winning and Rafa Benitez is on a very short leash. Even though Real Madrid suffered their first loss just a couple weeks ago to Sevilla, many fans still do not approve Benitez as manager. While a year without a trophy will no doubt give Benitez the boot at the season, a win here may calm fans down until he and Real Madrid go for that trophy later on in the season.

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