Both Manchester teams are solidly in the top four hunt after winning Sunday

For the second time in less than a week, both Manchester teams faced a very preferable situation. After seeing how the top four finished the day before, both Manchester City and Manchester United knew that they would be able to gain points on multiple top four teams if either win. After Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool […]

There’s a difference between squad rotation and resting players

Last season, Leicester City made fewer changes than anyone and won the Premier League. This year the same can be said about Chelsea. But you know what also can be said about both clubs? Neither of them had to make any changes! Oh Gary. For such a wise pundit how could you say something so […]

Jose Mourinho is setting Manchester United up for long term failure

When Jose Mourinho was appointed manager of Manchester United last summer the fan base was split over the decision. Some loved the move as Mourinho seems to win wherever he goes, while others were skeptical since he seems to leave a trail of fire when he leaves. There was also another issue that had all […]

Five predictions for the rest of 2016/17 Premier League season

This Premier League season has already been a bit crazy. With Chelsea going on a 13-game win streak, teams looking like title favorites, only to fall away, and teams that we expected to challenge for Europe (Leicester and West Ham) fighting to avoid relegation. Only a madman would try to predict how the rest of […]

Manchester United and Tottenham need to take the Europa League seriously

If you know someone who is a Spurs fan – specifically an American one – then you know the only thing they disdain more than Arsenal is non-league matches. While some fans unfortunately see cup matches as an unnecessary burden, they specifically target the Europa League as for some reason they deem a Thursday-Sunday turnaround […]

Watch: Manchester United scores twice in closing minutes to grab victory

With Sir Alex Ferguson celebrating his 75th birthday, Manchester United produced a performance reminiscent of some of Ferguson’s team. Trailing 1-0 to Middlesbrough in the 85th minute, the Red Devils scored a pair of goals within minutes of each other to put them one point out of the top four. United was pressuring Middlesbrough all […]

Henrikh Mkhitaryan finally starting to find his footing at Manchester United

At £26 million, Henrikh Mkhitaryan would have been a record transfer for eight separate Premier League clubs. At Manchester United, £26 million doesn’t even crack the top ten. Mkhitaryan wasn’t even United’s most expensive signing this summer, so the 27-year-old came to Old Trafford under the radar. Even Jose Mourinho seemed to forget that he had signed […]

Jose Mourinho has figured out what we all already knew

Two weeks ago, Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United were wallowing away in sixth place in the Premier League. They had drawn three straight games, had won just once in their last seven Premier League games, and had drawn four straight home matches, the first time that had happened since the early 90s. Today, United are still […]

Why is Jose Mourinho so afraid of making a big move

When Manchester United signed Jose Mourinho to be their manager, they thought they were signing a manager who was tactically sharp and ruthless. Someone who would do whatever it takes to win even if that included dropping a club legend from the starting XI or keeping a £26 million signing pinned to the bench. They […]

Is the top four beginning to split from the rest of the league?

After only thirteen games, a large gap is beginning to grow between the top four and the rest of the league. Presently, Arsenal and Tottenham, 4th and 5th respectively, are separated by four points. This gives the top four at the very least a four point cushion, which is surprising. Tottenham have been a pretty […]