Whistleblower assisting Swiss authorities in case against Blatter and FIFA

Swiss authorities got a potential lead in their case against former FIFA president Sepp Blatter and other members within FIFA. Various members within FIFA and other continental confederations have already been charged for various corruption charges but this potential new information can only help. In an interview on German TV, Andre Marty, spokesman for the […]

FIFA appeals for lifetime bans on Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini

When a group of four FIFA ethics judges banned (then) FIFA president Sepp Blatter and (then) FIFA vice-president Michel Platini for eight years, many people felt that they deserved to be banned for life. It seems as if FIFA is listening because FIFA ethics prosecutors will appeal and look to seek lifetime bans for the two […]

FIFA Ethics Committee Will Seek Lifetime Ban for Platini

Michel Platini’s lawyer, Thibaut d’Ales, has stunningly claimed that the FIFA Ethics Committee is seeking to ban the UEFA President for life. There is no word on whether or not this ban would extend to FIFA President Sepp Blatter. Formal corruption proceedings have been opened against Platini and Blatter by Hans-Joachim Eckert and the FIFA […]

Sepp Blatter, Michel Platini suspended for 90 days by FIFA

The ongoing FIFA saga took another turn today when FIFA’s Ethics Committee handed down 90-day suspensions for FIFA President Sepp Blatter, Vice President and UEFA President Michel Platini and several other officials. Here is the list of the suspensions handed out today: Sepp Blatter, 90 days Michel Platini, 90 days Secretary General Jerome Valcke, 90 […]

Is Michel Platini the right or convenient candidate for FIFA presidency?

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” — Lord Acton Why that quote? Well, that’s because on Tuesday BBC Sport revealed what was long speculated to be the case — current UEFA president and former Juventus star Michel Platini will run to replace the departing (at least […]

Chuck Blazer’s Testimony to Feds Unsealed

Chuck Blazer’s testimony to the federal government has been unsealed and revealed to the public. Blazer, the man who became an informant which led to the FIFA corruption scandal, was indicted due on tax evasion charges by not declaring income from 1992-1998. The testimony is located here, but in case you don’t feel like reading a 40 […]

White Cards Coming to Soccer?

UEFA President Michel Platini is defending the idea of introducing white cards into soccer even though it is vehemetly opposed by FIFA and in particular, FIFA President Sepp Blatter. The white card will be for offenses like diving and dissent that might be a little too harsh with a yellow card. A player who would […]

Is UEFA seriously threatening to leave FIFA over corruption report?

Irony and international soccer seem to be a match made in heaven these days. No other example may be greater than a report released on Saturday, suggesting that European soccer governing body UEFA may leave international soccer body FIFA behind. All of it apparently over the failure of FIFA to release the full report of […]