Whistleblower assisting Swiss authorities in case against Blatter and FIFA

Swiss authorities got a potential lead in their case against former FIFA president Sepp Blatter and other members within FIFA. Various members within FIFA and other continental confederations have already been charged for various corruption charges but this potential new information can only help. In an interview on German TV, Andre Marty, spokesman for the […]

FIFA appeals for lifetime bans on Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini

When a group of four FIFA ethics judges banned (then) FIFA president Sepp Blatter and (then) FIFA vice-president Michel Platini for eight years, many people felt that they deserved to be banned for life. It seems as if FIFA is listening because FIFA ethics prosecutors will appeal and look to seek lifetime bans for the two […]

Top 10 News Stories of 2015

This year has been absolutely spoiled for interesting or insane stories in the soccer world. It was genuinely difficult to pick just ten. So here we are, with 2015 drawing rapidly to a close. Which of the amazing stories this year had us speculating and arguing from January to December? Well… 10) MLS and the Possible […]

Sepp Blatter, Michel Platini suspended for 90 days by FIFA

The ongoing FIFA saga took another turn today when FIFA’s Ethics Committee handed down 90-day suspensions for FIFA President Sepp Blatter, Vice President and UEFA President Michel Platini and several other officials. Here is the list of the suspensions handed out today: Sepp Blatter, 90 days Michel Platini, 90 days Secretary General Jerome Valcke, 90 […]

Major FIFA Sponsors Calling for Immediate Removal of Sepp Blatter

Cash rules, especially when you’re entire organization is bankrolled by sponsorship money and television rights fees. That is totally the case for FIFA, and when a sponsor wants something done it better at least listen. In the case of long-time partner, Coca-Cola, FIFA would be wise to heed their warning. That’s because according to reports, […]

FIFA Bans Former CONCACAF head Jack Warner for life, like it mattered

Jack Warner was a world renown wheeler and dealer in the world of international soccer. Few within the FIFA hierarchy held more sway than Warner did, but it led to many rumblings of corruption and in May it led to the United States attorney general indicting Warner and 13 others within FIFA. The Trinidadian is […]

AG Loretta Lynch hints at another round of arrests in FIFA Corruption Scandal

FIFA and corruption? Stop it. It’s seemingly all we’ve heard about since the initial set of indictments from United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch. However, since the arrests of key officials involved with FIFA’s executive committee and various confederations around the globe not much has really happened in the legal process. That may be changing […]

Las Vegas Mob Museum will open permanent FIFA exhibit

Some headlines just write themselves. Like art imitating life, The Mob Museum in Las Vegas is going to open permanent exhibit about FIFA and the various corrupt dealings they have been a part of. The exhibit, titled “The Beautiful Game Turns Ugly,” opens in September and will “provide an incisive and eye-opening look into the […]

FIFA Announces New Election Date, Blatter Shows Why He Needs to Go Now

Sepp Blatter was hastily re-elected as FIFA President in the midst of the firestorm of corruption and bribery scandals hitting major figures within the organization. In the days that followed his re-election, Blatter decided it best to step down from his position, and that set in motion a new and “extraordinary” congress to be set […]