Five predictions for the rest of 2016/17 Premier League season

This Premier League season has already been a bit crazy. With Chelsea going on a 13-game win streak, teams looking like title favorites, only to fall away, and teams that we expected to challenge for Europe (Leicester and West Ham) fighting to avoid relegation. Only a madman would try to predict how the rest of […]

Manchester United and Tottenham need to take the Europa League seriously

If you know someone who is a Spurs fan – specifically an American one – then you know the only thing they disdain more than Arsenal is non-league matches. While some fans unfortunately see cup matches as an unnecessary burden, they specifically target the Europa League as for some reason they deem a Thursday-Sunday turnaround […]

Can Tottenham derail the Chelsea surge?

Chelsea have won 13 games on the bounce, which is incredible on its own. Tied with the Arsenal “Invincibles,” Chelsea can break a record for most consecutive wins in the Premier League era with a win against Tottenham. With Liverpool dropping points against Sunderland and Manchester City dropping points against Liverpool, Chelsea have a sizable lead over […]

Is the top four beginning to split from the rest of the league?

After only thirteen games, a large gap is beginning to grow between the top four and the rest of the league. Presently, Arsenal and Tottenham, 4th and 5th respectively, are separated by four points. This gives the top four at the very least a four point cushion, which is surprising. Tottenham have been a pretty […]

Who needs to win the North London Derby more: Arsenal or Tottenham

The North London Derby is almost here, which will see old rivals Arsenal and Tottenham duke it out yet again. Going into the game, one team’s form, Arsenal, has been absolutely blistering, which sees them tied for the top of the table, while the other, Spurs, has been lethargic for a few weeks. While this game […]

Do Spurs score enough goals to win the Premier League?

Currently, Tottenham sit in 5th place, a singular point off the top of the table. They were the first team to bloody the soccer gods that Manchester City seemed to be. That said, they have only scored 13 goals in 9 games. That’s just over a goal a game (1.4 gpg). While they have only […]

Have Spurs found the blueprint to beat Manchester City?

The shock result of last weekend, for many, was Tottenham defeating Manchester City in a thrilling 2-0 win over the previously untouchable league-leaders. More importantly than just winning the game, though, was the style in which they did it. Manchester City had their periods of being threatening, but Spurs largely controlled the game. The question […]

Watch: Aleksandar Kolarov scores horrific own goal

The Premier League’s match of the weekend saw first place Manchester City visit second place Tottenham. From the moment the match kicked off the home side began brining the pressure towards Manchester City. Right from the get-go Spurs were knocking on Manchester City’s door and it seemed like it would only be a matter of […]

Will the top six be closer than ever this Premier League season?

This year, the Premier League promises to be more competitive than ever. That is quite the statement, considering what happened in the 2015/16 season. Without a doubt, though, the top six will be closer than ever before in the 2016/17 Premier League season. Why are we looking at the top six, instead of the top […]

The way too early top four predictions for next season in the Premier League

The 2015/16 Barclays Premier League season has officially come and gone. With the season now complete there’s no better time then now to close the book on the Barclays Premier League and start looking ahead to new re-branded Premier League and the upcoming season. Is it too early to make any sort of substantial predictions […]

The PFA needs to change their qualifications for Young Player of the Year

This past Sunday the Professional Footballers Association held their annual awards ceremony where they honored their Team of the Year, Player of the Year, and Young Player of the Year. The PFA awards are voted on by the players themselves. 20 year old Tottenham midfeilder Dele Alli took home the PFA Young Player of the […]

Is this the weekend that wins the Premier League for Leicester?

The 2015/16 Premier League season is winding down, and with only a remaining seven or eight games left (depending on who you are). This also means that the race for the top of the table is becoming more and more solidified. It is pretty clear that there are two teams left in the running, Leicester […]

Why hasn’t Dele Alli gotten sucked into the English media’s hype machine?

In just a few short months, we will get to experience one of my favorite traditions that occurs about every other summer. No it’s not a major tournament such as the European Championships or the World Cup, it’s what happens right before that. I’m talking about when the English media completely overhypes the English National […]