You need to watch Gary Lineker’s On The Road To FA Cup Glory

“In an era of Champions League superstars, do fans still care? Do the fans still dream of drawing a big club, of slaying a giant? Do the players dream of the Wembley arch, like I once dreamed of the Twin Towers? Do the chairmen still pray for a lucrative draw at Anfield or Old Trafford? […]

Why hasn’t Dele Alli gotten sucked into the English media’s hype machine?

In just a few short months, we will get to experience one of my favorite traditions that occurs about every other summer. No it’s not a major tournament such as the European Championships or the World Cup, it’s what happens right before that. I’m talking about when the English media completely overhypes the English National […]

Unexploded WWII bomb discovered near Wembley Stadium

Construction workers today discovered a German bomb from World War II that failed to detonate during the Nazi air raids in the early 1940’s. According to Sky News, the bomb was discovered near Wembley Stadium and triggered an evacuation of the surrounding area. Police and bomb squads have moved the bomb and plan to detonate […]