PIC: Can somebody explain to me what Arsene Wenger drew?

Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger is apparently not letting the pressure of having to beat Olympiakos in the UEFA Champions League get to him. Today, Wenger is at risk of missing out on the Champions League knockout stage for the first time in 16 consecutive years as Arsenal manager.

During his prematch press conference, Wenger escaped for a bit and doodled in order to take his mind off of the pressure for a few seconds. Seeing his drawing and getting a closer glimpse into the mind of Arsene Wenger, I think I’m more confused about him than ever before.


For one thing, I know I should be the last person to criticize somebody’s drawing skills, but this looks like a five year old drew this.

But most importantly, exactly what is this supposed to be? Is it, like this article said, some sort of spaceship? Is this his design for a new stadium? Is it a sign that Arsenal should be playing wider in formation? Is it Wenger’s interpretation of a Georgia O’Keefe painting? I don’t think anybody knows but Wenger. And maybe that’s a good thing.

Although if that doodle is for something like that, I would really want to know and would be first in line to purchase “The Wenger.”

(Telegraph Football)

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