Player in hospital because his wife bit off his tongue

In one of the most bizarre and painful stories of the day, Hamburger SV player Artjoms Rudņevs is in the hospital because his wife partially bit off his tongue and it’s being surgically sewn on.

Apparently he and his wife had a fight in public and she reacted by trying to bite off his tongue. I have to think my first question is, how on earth was she able to get to his tongue in order to even attempt to bite it off? I mean, did he stick his tongue out at her like some immature 10 year old? Did she try to fake him out and act like things were fine just to kiss him and then bite his tongue? Couldn’t she have found a different, and quite frankly, easier way to inflict bodily harm on her husband? I don’t know, I’m just more fascinated about how this came about more than the actual fight.

This caps off a pretty terrible Summer for Rudņevs. He hadn’t played a game yet and is not factoring into Hamburg’s plans. From having a crappy summer professionally to having a crappy summer personally, nothing seems to be going right for Artjoms Rudņevs.

(Fox Soccer)


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