VIDEO: Barcelona’s Ter Stegen massively screws up to allow goal in Spanish Super Cup

There are sweeper keepers who like to come out of the box to field the ball and make themselves known for more than just the person who stops shots. Bayern Munich’s Manuel Neuer is one of the best at doing just that. In the first round of the Spanish Super Cup, Barcelona’s Marc-Andre ter Stegen was no Neuer on this play.

For some strange reason, ter Stegen put himself about 25 yards away from goal and with teammates all around him, headed the ball to the center line. The ball fell right to Athletic Bilbao’s Mikel San Jose, who blasted the ball over everyone and especially over ter Stegen and scored from about 45 yards out. This is a very rare mistake from Barcelona so don’t get used to this

When something like this happens, the curious part of me wants to check the team Twitter feed to see what they had to say about the play. Barcelona’s Twitter feed obviously couldn’t say ter Stegen made a horrible mistake or ask what he was doing that far out of the box or anything. I will say, their play-by-play of the goal was pretty nonchalant.

Athletic Bilbao wound up destroying Barcelona 4-0 making it consecutive games in which Barcelona has allowed four goals.

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