VIDEO: Danny Williams scores beautiful goal to save USMNT from complete embarrassment

NOTE: The goal you are about to see bears no resemblance to how the USMNT played against Brazil in the 90 minutes before this goal. The USMNT were terrible tonight, very terrible.

Yeah this was against Brazil but this was against a very vulnerable Brazil team who has struggled since the World Cup. While it’s likely Brazil still would’ve won, the USMNT were expected to put up a little bit of a fight. That definitely didn’t happen. Although we did get this stunning goal by Danny Williams.

So Danny Williams saved the USMNT from complete embarrassment and elevated them to somewhat embarrassing tonight. I know you’re not supposed to get too high on the friendly wins and too low on the friendly losses but this one was bad. Considering the next game for the team is the CONCACAF playoff game against Mexico at the Rose Bowl in just a month, this isn’t good. So many things were wrong with this team tonight and they are going into a game against their rival where a win can help with development, which is what Jurgen Klinsmann preaches. If Klinsmann thought fans were pissed off tonight, imagine how they will get if they lose to Mexico on October 10.

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