VIDEO: Glenn Murray controversially lifts Bournemouth over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge

Despite a return from Thibaut Courtois, things went from bad to worse for Chelsea. After battling with Bournemouth in a 0-0 deadlock at Stamford Bridge, Glenn Murray scored to put Bournemouth up 1-0 and take the three points.

The goal was met with controversy as Murray was incredibly offside and the goal stood. While it may have been okay since Murray was in front of a Chelsea defender, he was behind Courtois at the time and thus needed another defender there to be onside. There was only one Chelsea player instead of two and Murray scored when he was offside.

When Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho complains about the referees, most of the time he’s wrong and it just deflects off the poor performance of the team. Today, he has a legitimate case to criticize the referees for missing this call and costing Chelsea a point. The only issue is that Mourinho has done it so many times that he’s become the Premier League’s “boy who cried wolf.”

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