OTTAWA, ON – JUNE 11: Ingrid Schjelderup #14 and Elise Thorsnes #16 celebrate their draw against Germany with teammates after the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 Group B match between Germany and Norway at Lansdowne Stadium on June 11, 2015 in Ottawa, Canada. (Photo by Andre Ringuette/Getty Images)

VIDEO: Norwegian WNT Makes Fun of Sexist Stereotypes in Mockumentary

It’s no secret that women’s soccer gets some very sexist stereotypes thrown at those involved in the sport. These stereotypes surface the most during the Women’s World Cup. There is progress in that I personally have noticed fewer sexist remarks this year than four years ago but it’s still there. Players can take that in many different ways and the Norwegian Women’s National Team decided to attack those head on in this mockumentary hilariously confirming these stereotypes.

In this video, the Norwegian team tackle such things as knowingly being terrible at soccer, not knowing the rules, lesbianism and not being able to watch women’s soccer because it’s “so boring.”

The team came up with their own solutions such as smaller pitches, smaller soccer balls, free throws to replace free kicks, nets for goalkeepers and a golf tee to make corner kicks easier in order to make the game easier for women. They “sent” it to FIFA and got a “response” by Sepp Blatter. The response by Blatter is hilarious and, this should tell you everything about Blatter, that letter could have been a legitimate thing written by Blatter.

Bravo Norway on a job well done.

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