VIDEO: Pitch invader gets tackled by security during D.C. United vs. Red Bulls game

A pitch invader ran out onto the field at RFK Stadium at around the 40th minute of today’s New York Red Bull/D.C. United MLS Cup Playoff game and was promptly tackled by security. Normally on U.S. TV, fans running out on the field of sporting events are typically not shown on TV for a variety of reasons but ESPN’s main soccer sideline camera caught the action in the background as play stopped.

First of all, before anybody says anything, this is an absolutely terrible job on the pitch invader. We at 32 Flags in no way endorses anybody to run out onto the field of a sporting event, but if you are going to, at least do it right. It’s not a leisurely stroll through Central Park, this guy is going to be evading some big people once he goes out of the stands and into the field of play. Maybe if this guy planned it out a bit better or was a little less drunk, he wouldn’t have been tackled within three seconds.

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