VIDEO: Sporting KC plays “The Bachelor” to choose team for Portland match

Sporting Kansas City is going to Portland and play the Timbers on Wednesday night. Any team can pick any ol’ 18 man squad to travel to an away game but when it’s the “Rose City,” Sporting KC takes it up a notch.

With a little help from Tanner Tolbert from The Bachelorette, Sporting KC manager Peter Vermes had his very own rose ceremony to choose his team to go to the “Rose City” and face the Timbers. Dom Dwyer, Kevin Ellis, Benny Feilhaber, Tim Melia, Ike Opara and Seth Sinovic were the “bachelors” in which Vermes had to choose from and the results were simply hilarious.

Look at that, they even included the talking head interviews as well as nailed down the awkwardly staged moments that the real show provides. Simply great stuff. Oh and spoiler alert, Vermes doesn’t give a rose to Opara. That was pretty obvious since Opara is still recuperating from an Achilles injury. Although, that would’ve been very slick of Sporting KC to announce that Opara was coming back and Dwyer wouldn’t be going to Portland.

Now if we can only figure out who on Sporting KC’s staff has enough dirt on Peter Vermes to get him to do this?

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