WATCH: Simultaneous goals in both Group F games result in Portugal falling behind early

Within seconds, teams in both Euro 2016 Group F games scored at the same time and it could result in a massive upset.

First, Iceland took the lead in the 18th minute thanks to Jon Bodvarsson shooting home a long throw in and moving up to the top spot in the group for a few seconds.

Then, in a goal that could result in massive rammifications, Zoltan Gera scored on Portugal off a bad clearance to go back into the provisional lead of the group as Portugal is currently out.

Portugal needs at least a draw to get into one of the four, third place team knockout stage spots so as of the 35th minute, there’s plenty of time. But considering Cristiano Ronaldo’s struggles as well as the rest of the team, I can’t imagine Portuguese fans are feeling well right now.

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