WATCH: Mistakes by Bayern and great looking goals put Juventus in lead

This certainly wasn’t expected.

Tied 2-2 and needing to score a goal to potentially advance, Juventus went to Germany looking for a lot against the German champs. It’s nothing like Arsenal having to try and come back against Barcelona, but it would still be tough. Nobody apparently told Juventus this as they went to Allianz Arena and took it to Bayern.

Juventus’ first goal, Manuel Neuer went out to attempt to stop the attempt from the edge of the box. This wasn’t Neuer’s trademark sweeper keeper move but he made a big risk. The vast majority of the time, there is no issue. Today, Neuer got burned as Neuer missed and Paul Pogba was able to slot home the first goal in the fifth minute.

Then on the second goal, Alvaro Morata made an incredible run from near the top of their defensive box. Faking and juking Bayern defenders, Morata made it to the top of the other box and passed off to Juan Cuadrado who put Juve up 2-0 and 4-2 on aggregate.

With just 45 minutes left, Bayern Munich still has time to get it back. It will be tough as Bayern lost the tiebreaker and now need two goals to go to extra time and three goals to advance.

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