2018 World Cup Qualifying has officially begun

We still have over three years until the 2018 FIFA World Cup and qualifying has begun for the event. Sure, teams likely to make it will not start qualification for at least another year but 12 teams in Asia have started the long journey to the World Cup.

The first stage of Asian World Cup Qualification involves the bottom 12 teams in the continent playing in a home-and-home series on March 12 and 17 to determine who goes onto the next round. Some games have concluded already this morning so here is the updated results.

Timor-Leste (185) 4-1 Mongolia (195)
Cambodia (181) 3-0 Macau (187)
Sri Lanka (174) 0-1 Bhutan (209-last in FIFA ranking, first win since 6/8/2008)
Chinese Taipei (188) 0-1 Brunei Darussalam (198)
India (173) vs. Nepal (180)
Yemen (175) vs. Pakistan (170)

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