LEICESTER, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 21: A dejected David De Gea of Manchester United looks at the ball in his net as Leonardo Ulloa of Leicester City scores his team’s opening goal during the Barclays Premier League match between Leicester City and Manchester United at The King Power Stadium on September 21, 2014 in Leicester, England. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

32 Flags 2014-15 EPL Team Grades

As we enter the final day of the EPL season, most teams have already clinched their fates. There may be some positional changes but we already know the champion, the top four and two of the relegation spots. Because of that, it’s pretty safe to review each EPL teams’ season and grade the 20 teams.



While they will likely finish 3rd, Arsenal has been the most consistent team (except for Chelsea) this season. Arsene Wenger signed Alexis Sanchez before the season and they haven’t looked back. The team who gets made fun of because they seem to settle for a “top four trophy” really were looking for something more. While they will need to likely settle for 3rd, another Champions League berth and a place in the FA Cup Final, this may be the start of an EPL title run next year.

Final Grade: A-


Aston Villa

Aston Villa, like many teams this season, has had a tale of two seasons. There were stretches when they were horrible and stretches where they were great. No doubt, the arrival of Tim Sherwood in February rejuvenated the team to actually score goals and get out of the relegation zone as well as a spot in the FA Cup Final. Villa may finish near the bottom of the table but I’m sure if you talk to Villa fans today, it’s a much better scenario than what it could’ve been a few months ago.

Final Grade: C



Before the season started, Burnley looked like the team who was most likely to relegate. Burnley didn’t really spend the money to stay in the EPL and didn’t get the money from winning the Championship like Leicester City had or winning the Promotion Playoff like QPR did so Burnley was kind of on an island by itself. The season wasn’t a big loss. Burnley fans got some great memories throughout the season by drawing Manchester United, Tottenham twice, Chelsea and beating Southampton as well as drawing and beating Manchester City. That and we can never forget Dave Fishwick and where we can go to CWR Scaffolds for the “perfect erection.”

Final Grade: C-



We go from one of the worst to the best. Except for a struggling loss to Bradford City at Stamford Bridge as well as struggling in the Champions League (which all English teams did this year), Chelsea has had a great season. They clinched the EPL title a couple weeks ago and won the Capital One Cup. Rather terrific season from Jose Mourinho and the guys, looks like it’ll be more of the same next year.

Final Grade: A


Crystal Palace

Two words, Alan Pardew. After negotiating his release from Newcastle, the Palace legend came back home to help lead the team out of the relegation zone and boy did he do that. After signing in the beginning of 2015, Palace earned 28 points in 17 games. That stat was much more impressive before they went on a skid a month ago. Before that, Palace earned 25 points in 12 games and had the best form in the EPL at that point. The money conscious team moved from a relegation side to a comfortable mid table team.

Final Grade: B-



Everton really should’ve been better but the Europa League did them in. Everton and Roberto Martinez didn’t adequately fill the team with the depth needed for an additional continental competition and paid the consequences. Usually a team fighting for a top half spot was hardly ever in the top 10 and lounging in the lower part of the table. Since they were eliminated from the Europa League, they have gotten back to 10th but the damage was done for this season. If they don’t get back into the Europa League due to the Fair Play table, expect this season to be a fluke.

Final Grade: C-


Hull City

Hull City spent a lot of money on transfers and actually invested in making a run to stay in the Premier League. Considering they have an 85% chance to relegate this weekend(according to ESPN’s Paul Carr), this has been a rather horrible return on investment. One can be said that they earn credit because they tried to put out a winner and that’s true, but when it goes wrong, it makes the failure that much brighter.

Final Grade: D+



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