32 Flags European Power Rankings-9/2/14

Every week, the staff at 32 Flags will each rank their top 15 European teams of the week. Each staffers list is compiled and tabulated and results in a final top 10 that make up our Power Rankings.

#1) Chelsea – England
Phil: 1st, Marc: 1st, Andy: 2nd, Jeff: 1st
Last Week Power Ranking Position: 4th
League Position: 1st in EPL
Last week results: Defeated Everton in EPL

Last year, we knew Chelsea as the kind of team who played slow, boring, “park the bus” soccer. This year, Chelsea has 11 goals in three games and it doesn’t look like anyone is going to stop them. A 6-3 thrashing of Everton puts them tied with Swansea for 1st.

#2) Manchester City – England
Phil: 2nd, Marc: 3rd, Andy: 1st, Jeff: 2nd
Last Week Power Ranking Position: 2nd
League Position: 4th in EPL
Last week results: Lost to Stoke in EPL

Apart from Chelsea, the other spots in this countdown are all over the place. Almost all of the top teams in multiple leagues dropped points. Manchester City got blanked by Stoke but they somehow keep the 2nd spot.

#3) Real Madrid – Spain
Phil: 3rd, Marc: 5th, Andy: 3rd, Jeff: 3rd
Last Week Power Ranking Position: 1st
League Position: 10th in Bundesliga
Last week results: Lost to Real Sociedad in La Liga

Real Madrid was up 2-0 on Real Sociedad and anyone who knows anything about soccer should know that Madrid should’ve had the three points on lockdown. A team like Madrid wouldn’t give that up. Shockingly enough, Real Sociedad came back and took the win 4-2.

#4) Barcelona – Spain
Phil: 4th, Marc: 4th, Andy: 4th, Jeff: 4th
Last Week Power Ranking Position: 5th
League Position: 1st in La Liga
Last week results: Defeated Villareal in La Liga

I’m going to be honest, going back and compiling the standings, Barcelona should’ve gotten a bit more respect and deserved to go up to either 2nd or 3rd. Manchester City and Real Madrid were also in the top two so if you could make an argument for those teams, it would be that they were so far ahead but are now even with Barcelona now.

#5) Bayern Munich – Germany
Phil: 5th, Marc: 2nd, Andy: 5th, Jeff: 5th
Last Week Power Ranking Position: 3rd
League Position: 5th in Bundesliga
Last week results: Drew to Schalke in Bundesliga

Bayern Munich was supposed to be the team who, like last year, was supposed to run away with the Bundesliga. After drawing to Schalke, it may take them a bit longer to get that title.

#6) Juventus – Italy
Phil: 7th, Marc: 8th, Andy: 7th, Jeff: 7th
Last Week Power Ranking Position: 6th
League Position: 5th in Serie A
Last week results: Defeated Chievo Verona in Serie A

Juventus debuted in Serie A with a win. It wasn’t a flashy game but they did what other teams couldn’t do on this list and they got three points. That’s what matters.

#7) Bayer Leverkusen – Germany
Phil: 9th, Marc: 6th, Andy: 9th, Jeff: 8th
Last Week Power Ranking Position: 9th
League Position: 1st in Bundesliga
Last week results: Defeated FC Kobenhavn in UEFA Champions League and defeated Hertha Berlin in Bundesliga

Bayer Leverkusen is sneaking up on all of us in terms of being one of the best teams in the world. They beat Borussia Dortmund last week and won again. Shockingly, after two games, they are the only team in the Bundesliga to have two wins.

#8) Liverpool – England
Phil: 8th, Marc: 11th, Andy: 8th, Jeff: 6th
Last Week Power Ranking Position: 10th
League Position: 5th in EPL
Last week results: Defeated Tottenham in EPL

Liverpool was up and then they went down. Now they are in between. The game between Liverpool and Tottenham would likely mean that the winner would be in the top 10 while the other would be out. Liverpool won 3-0 and they’re on the list.

#9) Paris Saint-Germain – France
Phil: 10th, Marc: 7th, Andy: 10th, Jeff: 10th
Last Week Power Ranking Position: 7th
League Position: 2nd in Ligue 1
Last week results: Defeated Saint Etienne in Ligue 1

PSG hasn’t really done anything wrong. They’re still doing strong. I wouldn’t necessarily say they can beat any of these teams on the list but they do what they have to do to get the points.

#10) Roma – Italy
Phil: 11th, Marc: 10th, Andy: 11th, Jeff: 11th
Last Week Power Ranking Position: N/A
League Position: 3rd in Serie A
Last week results: Defeated Fiorentina in Serie A

Like with Juventus, Roma started their season off with a win and are now unbeaten. It’s a bit early to judge Italian teams since they just started the season but Roma is in the top 10 for now.

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