A Win For Goal-Line Technology During Liverpool/Chelsea

Looks like the early winner this weekend is goal-line technology. Early on in the Liverpool/Chelsea game, Gary Cahill took a rebound off of Simon Mignolet and everyone in the stadium thought nothing of it. Anthony Taylor’s watch buzzed or beeped or whatever it is that goal watch does and awarded a goal for Chelsea.

Taylor would’ve never been in a position to call that and the linesman is on the end of the field so he’s far away and it’s very easy for his view to be obstructed in that split second shot. If this doesn’t stress the need for goal-line technology, I don’t know what will. Grant Wahl asked this question on Twitter.

The fact that we have to ask that question means we need goal-line technology. That system looks to be as close to 100% perfect as possible. Humans, in the perfect position with the perfect view, will never be anywhere close to 100%. If Platini’s linesman were there judging if that was a goal or not, it probably would still be 1-0 Liverpool.

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