Banter: Red Bulls troll NYCFC on Twitter before Derby

When MLS announced NYCFC as an expansion team, the league was hoping to create a derby between NYCFC and the New York Red Bulls. They don’t play their first regular season game against each other until this Sunday (Mother’s Day) but the Red Bulls are trying to plant the seeds for a can’t miss Derby in MLS.

The Red Bulls’ latest form of banter involved NYCFC’s Sebastian Velasquez. FOX Sports 1’s cameras caught Velasquez drinking a Red Bull on the bench during their game against the Seattle Sounders. Usually, drinking a Red Bull is rather innocent but it looks a bit strange drinking the one thing your rival makes. The Red Bulls jumped on the chance today.

If the Twitter game is anything like Sunday’s game, the New York Derby or Hudson River Derby will be must see TV!

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