FIFA 15 Decides Who Wins El Clasico

Look, I’ll admit it, I’m horrible at making predictions. I’m usually wrong, like everyone else, so I decided that I’m passing the buck and letting FIFA 15 decide. We put both teams on the field, let it go to computer vs. computer and we see what happens. Let’s see if FIFA is as accurate as it seems to be. We’ll do this for the top matchup every week.

1st Half

2nd Half


Disclaimer: I wasn’t able to edit the lineups for a computer vs. computer matchup so that’s why you are seeing Gareth Bale out there instead of being injured. Luis Suarez is also not on Barcelona even though we know he’ll be back.

’13: Pepe commits a foul in the box to earn the first PK. Lionel Messi scores a rather unrealistic goal. Iker Casillas has been struggling but even he could’ve stopped that.

’29: Messi scores another PK, this one was much more realistic.

’45: Pedro slides the ball past Casillas as halftime rolled around scoring the first open play goal in the game.

’76: Marcelo pulls one back for Real but it was too little, too late. Barcelona took the win 3-1.

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