Frank Lampard LONDON, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 13: Frank Lampard of Manchester City on the ball during the Barclays Premier League match between Arsenal and Manchester City at Emirates Stadium on September 13, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

Frank Lampard releases statement between Manchester City/NYCFC

Frank Lampard released a statement concerning his situation with NYCFC, Manchester City and MLS. Much has been said about this situation and we have talked about this as well. There has been so much said and many different interpretations of stories about what is the truth and Lampard is doing what he can to set the record straight.

Here is Lampard’s statement in full on his official Facebook page.

I want to make it completely clear about my situation as I have read a lot of lies and nonsense over the last few days. When released from Chelsea last year at the end of my contract I signed a commitment to play in NYCFC for two years starting January 1st 2015. I was then offered the chance to train and be part of the Man City squad in the interim to keep myself in the best shape going into New York.This period has since been extended by Man City and I now will start playing for NYCFC at the end of this current Premier League season. There has always been a constant dialogue between all parties in this time to find the best solution for everyone. I can say that I am very excited about arriving in New York and giving everything to the team to make us a success in the MLS as soon as possible. Thanks everyone for your ongoing support and I wish everyone a healthy and happy 2015!

Lampard’s statement is very similar to what was first reported by everyone so I am inclined to believe Lampard. If only Manchester City, MLS, NYCFC and Lampard had all talked and gotten their story straight, it would’ve angered far fewer people as the saga went on. Many people are upset at the cover up and the unclear dialogue with the public rather than the actual act. Hopefully things start to settle down and people can start to move on and enjoy the games once Lampard starts playing in July.

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