MILTON KEYNES, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 13: Alex Scott of England in action during the Women’s Friendly International match between England and USA at Stadium mk on February 13, 2015 in Milton Keynes, England. (Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images)

FYI: It will not be FOX’s fault that the USWNT isn’t on TV today

FOX has had a history of being criticized for their soccer coverage. Some of it is warranted and is legitimate criticism and some of it is beyond their control. Today will be one of those days where FOX is not to blame.

The US Women’s National Team is set to play Iceland at 1 PM ET in the Algarve Cup. They’re playing in the Estadio Municipal in Lagos, Portugal. Apparently, according to FOX Sports Executive David Neal, the USWNT game cannot be televised due to inadequate lighting for TV cameras.

FOX is at the mercy of many people in this situation. The people in charge of the Algarve Cup have the USWNT playing in a stadium with lighting that is inadequate for TV cameras so FS1 is forced to show Brazil vs. Germany. FOX will give updates on USA vs. Iceland during the Brazil/Germany game on FS1. Don’t ask me why officials have a game in the year 2015 in a stadium that can’t light well enough for TV cameras but when push came to shove, the Algarve Cup officials felt Brazil vs. Germany was a way better matchup and decided that they would put them in a stadium suitable for TV cameras and give the USA and Iceland the non TV stadium.

So while FOX can be criticized for many things involving their soccer coverage, too many things for me to list on here, take it a little easy on them today. I’m sure they would rather show the USWNT as much as you want to watch them so I don’t think anyone is pleased about the situation. Just have fun watching two great teams who the USWNT may potentially face in June and enjoy the soccer nonetheless.

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