Jack Rodwell Warns Young English Players About Man City

New Sunderland player, Jack Rodwell, came out in the news to warn young English players from signing with defending EPL champs, Manchester City, if they have aspirations for playing for the English National Team. He is quoted as saying, “I would probably say don’t sign now, I’d say get as much football as you can… Just because you’re English and young, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to play for Manchester City.”

Except for the double negative, NO FREAKING DUH JACK! Seriously, how is this news? I already know the irony of asking that question when I’m writing about it because I have to show the obvious nature of Rodwell’s comments. Manchester City can buy any player in the world so of course they’re not going to give much playing time to their youngsters because they don’t need to. They have enough depth to put out a squad for all four competitions and be able to win them so yeah, they don’t need to rely on young players. Maybe if someone is the next Messi, Manchester City would give him playing time but Jack Rodwell was no Lionel Messi.

Look I know Jack Rodwell realized he made a mistake and wants to warn others to not do the same, I get that. I also think that anyone who pays any attention to what happens in European soccer knows that it’s very tough to get playing time when you’re young and at Manchester City. Go to a team like Liverpool, Southampton or even Manchester United if you’re young and want a better chance at getting playing time. Rodwell has done that by going to Sunderland and at 23, can get his form back and try to get in the national team picture for 2018. Manchester City is one of the best club teams in the world but it isn’t the best place if you’re young and want to play first team football. Now that they own NYCFC and Melbourne City, Man City can loan some young players out so they can get experience but we all know how much Roy Hodgson rates MLS, just ask Jermain Defoe.

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