Author John Green with Liverpool kit and Wimbledon scarf Author John Green with Liverpool kit and Wimbledon scarf

John Green’s Dilemma: Business or Fandom, Wimbledon or Liverpool

Famed Youtuber and author, John Green, has a tough choice to make today. As many of the 6.5 subscribers to Green’s Youtube network, known as Nerdfighters or collectively as Nerdfighteria, or 1.8 million Twitter followers will know, he is as diehard a Liverpool FC fan as they come. He will often sneak references to the club into his Youtube channels, notably the vlogbrothers and Crash Course channels. Green also regularly live tweets Liverpool games on his sports Twitter account @sportswithjohn.

Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Why would this writer, Youtuber, and Liverpool supporter have a tough choice to make for it’s game today with AFC Wimbledon, a midtable League 2 club? Well, in 2014, John Green, and Nerdfighteria, became an official sponsor of AFC Wimbledon, who he has nicknamed the Wimbly Womblys. Green and his community’s support is even represented on the AFC Wimbledon kit with “DFTBA” appearing on the shorts. “DFTBA” stands for “Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”, the motto of the online community. The association with the club began when John Green started managing AFC Wimbledon in FIFA 14’s Manager Mode on his brother’s Youtube gaming channel, hankgames. Talk about choosing between love and duty.

Whichever team he chooses to support, Green will be in attendance for tonight’s game in London with his family. Below, Green talks about his support for both clubs and who he will support in the end.

Today’s game between Liverpool FC and AFC Wimbledon will be shown on BBC One in the UK and Fox Sports 1 in the US at 7:55 PM (GMT) and 2:55 PM (EST).

There have been more than a few famous meetings between these two clubs, most notably the 1988 FA Cup Final. Considered one of the biggest shocks in the long history of the FA Cup, Wimbledon won 1-0 after a Lawrie Sanchez goal in the 37th minute. This ended Liverpool’s chance to become the first team to win a double (two trophies in a single season) twice. Wimbledon will certainly be hoping to channel the spirit of that successful team, known as the “Crazy Gang” for their physical style of play and wild antics off the pitch.

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