Base of original Jules Rimet World Cup trophy, believed missing for decades, found in FIFA archives

According to Simon Kuper, one of the writers for the book Soccernomics, the original base of the Jules Rimet trophy has been found in FIFA archives in Zurich, Switzerland. The original trophy has been missing for decades and is the subject of the “30 for 30” movie, “Mysteries of the Rimet Trophy.” The half-hour documentary talked about the saga of the original trophy, from being protected against Nazi’s to being stolen in England and being found by a dog to being stolen in Brazil, never to be found again.

Today results in another piece of the puzzle on the saga of the original trophy. The base was replaced in 1954 so the original base was not a part of the trophy that was stolen in 1983, but the original base was also believed to have been lost until today.

Kuper took to Twitter to break the news.

While it is not the entire trophy, this is an incredible find and a priceless piece of soccer history. I wonder what else is in FIFA archives.


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