VILLARREAL, SPAIN – AUGUST 24: Logo of the Liga BBVA is pictured on the monitors in the press room during the La Liga match between Villarreal CF and Real Valladolid CF at El Madrigal Stadium on August 24, 2013 in Villarreal, Spain. (Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images)

La Liga title race on hold as Spanish FA suspends all domestic games

While Barcelona is facing Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League, news broke out that the Spanish FA is suspending all domestic games in Spain starting on May 16. This means the final two weeks, including the Copa del Rey Final, may be in jeopardy.

This all stems from a new TV rights deal for La Liga. The new proposed deal results in all 20 La Liga teams involved in the same TV contract and therefore getting a share of the money. The current deal allows Barcelona and Real Madrid to seek their own TV deal and get that money and the other 18 teams are left get their own TV deal. Obviously, the latter isn’t as lucrative for the teams not named Barcelona and Real Madrid and new laws passed made it so things were fairer among all. Apparently those in charge of La Liga and the Spanish FA feel that the old deal brings in more money by separating their two worldwide draws to an exclusive deal so now they are at odds with the Spanish government.

Clearly some people do not support this, people in charge of La Liga who have a lot of influence and power, so now we’re in the position of seeing the Spanish FA postponing, and potentially canceling, the final two weeks of La Liga games. This can have major ramifications. Barcelona only leads Real Madrid by two points and need to play Atletico Madrid. Potentially, if they beat Real Sociedad this Saturday, Barcelona could win the title and not have to play a tough Atletico team. That is going to ruin a great race for the title if things end a couple weeks early.

This is still very early and there are still many unknown aspects but I hope that this is just some sort of empty threat and games are still played on the 16th. It would be a disaster for games to be postponed and maybe end the season prematurely amid a great title race featuring the two best teams in Spain and potentially Europe. I would also imagine there are various legal and financial ramifications between La Liga, Spanish FA, the Spanish government, FIFA and the various broadcasters worldwide such a suspension take place. It’s going to be a tense 10 days and all in the shadow of a potential all-Spanish Champions League Final.

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