xxxx during the FA Cup Fourth Round match between Manchester City and Middlesbrough at Etihad Stadium on January 24, 2015 in Manchester, England.

Man City wants you to vote Pellegrini for Manager of the Year

Someone in the Manchester City social media department has to be playing a joke on us all. “Surely, they can’t be serious?” Manchester City’s Twitter account, @MCFC, is asking their 2.4 million Twitter followers to go to Facebook and vote for soon to be sacked Manuel Pellegrini in the “Facebook Football Awards.” This season, Manchester City went from winning the EPL title to currently being in 4th position and at risk of getting knocked out of Champions League qualification, something that was almost assured a couple months ago. That sounds like a “Manager of the Year” worthy season if I ever heard one.

That was Manchester City’s post on Twitter. This may have been one of those times where they could’ve just said nothing at all and we all would be none the wiser. I honestly don’t know if the Man City social media department is serious or not but if they are, I won’t be calling them “Shirley” anytime soon.

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