Man United forces season ticket holders to buy Cambridge tickets

After struggling to a draw against League Two side Cambridge United in the FA Cup, Manchester United season ticket holders must pay for an FA Cup ticket for the replay or be banned from going to the Sunderland game on February 28.

Let’s get this straight. You paid between $800 to $1400 on a season ticket and you just watched your team of millionaires struggle against a team of players who play in a stadium that is just now getting “proper toilets,” who must pay to replace their kits and collectively get paid less in a year than Wayne Rooney makes in a month and now you are “rewarded” by having to pay at least $75 for an FA Cup ticket for the replay because you supported your team by dedicating so much time and money as a season ticket holder. Sounds a little backwards to me.

From the Manchester United perspective, they have the rule listed on the United website, “Season Ticket holders are automatically allocated and required to buy tickets for home games in FA and League Cup competitions.” The team wants to make sure that Old Trafford is sold out for FA Cup games. This is also a way to guarantee season ticket holders that they can buy an FA Cup ticket when they play a top team when tickets are in high demand. I’m sure season ticket holders would be mad if they couldn’t buy an FA Cup ticket at Old Trafford if it was against Liverpool.

Clearly this is all a misunderstanding that can be resolved with simple communication between fans and the team. While the rule has reasoning and at some point is important, it must be understood why fans may be upset at this. The ideal situation will be to give season ticket holders a couple days to have priority to purchase tickets and then open it up to the general public. Maybe have a price structure and charge less for FA Cup games featuring lower league teams. Whether they’re forced to pay or not, I’m sure many people are mad they have to pay full price to see Cambridge United play. Lower the prices to games like Cambridge United and fans who may not be able to afford the ticket prices at other Man United games might be able to attend. It’s just something to consider. Sometimes a bit of positive PR is more lucrative than the “all mighty dollar.”

(Daily Mail/Manchester United)

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