Mia Hamm and Sea Bass from Dumb and Dumber Named to Roma Board of Directors

Roma appointed a new Board of Directors today and out of all the names, two most likely stood out to the general public. One was Mia Hamm. One of the greatest female soccer players of all time and is someone who can provide a different perspective as a former soccer player compared to the business people who will be in the conference room with her. The other person many of us will recognize is Sea Bass from one of my favorite movies, Dumb and Dumber.

Well, actually he’s Cam Neely and he was an NHL player for the Boston Bruins. After he retired from playing, he became President of the Boston Bruins and was President when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2011. He played Sea Bass in Dumb and Dumber and will supposedly reprise his role in Dumb and Dumber To, which comes out November 14. Best of luck to Cam and Mia, two people who will surely bring a lot to the table for Roma.

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