Mix Diskerud

Mix Diskerud tweets incomprehensible thoughts on Frank Lampard

Current #10 of the US Men’s National Team, Mix Diskerud, tweeted his thoughts on the Frank Lampard/Manchester City/NYCFC situation.

Yes, Diskerud is speaking English but I cannot comprehend what he’s trying to say. If you have better luck, feel free to let me know.

There has been a history between Diskerud and MLS as the League tried to sign him on multiple occasions but talks stopped close to the end every time. He even talked about it on a message board. His agent and father has been in the news for being arrested on loan shark scams.

32 Flags is going to have more on the Frank Lampark/Manchester City/NYCFC situation Monday. It’s definitely a situation that is rubbing many the wrong way.

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