MLS Changes League Logo in Preparation for 20th Season

In a move that was known to many for a while (but not the design), Major League Soccer revealed their new logo for 2015 and beyond. As you see in the photo above, MLS decided to go into a more simplistic, professional design over the current logo which was in dire need of an update. Each part of the logo has had a meaning behind it as described by MLS.


“WORDMARK: MLS stands for Major League Soccer.”

“SLASH: The slash refers to soccer’s speed and energy. The slash begins outside the perimeter and drives upward at a 45-degree angle to illustrate both the nonstop nature of our game and the rising trajectory of our league. It bisects the crest to create a “first half” and “second half.””

“STARS: The three stars represent the pillars of our brand: For Club, For Country, For Community.”

“PERIMETER: The perimeter represents the lines that mark off the field of play.”

“FIRST HALF AND SECOND HALF: The first half contains MLS and the three stars. The second half is an open white space that brings you in and out of the MLS world.”


Explanations aside, I personally love this new design. This shows a more professional feel to MLS and goes away from the current logo which seems to insinuate that people would be confused what “Major League Soccer” would be about if they didn’t have a soccer ball and boot prominently displayed. My favorite part of this new concept is the fact that each team will have their own specific logo in their team colors. This new logo is a revolutionary concept and will blend into each team’s kits better than the current logo. The new logo will also be incorporated into FIFA 15 so MLS is concentrating on hitting the ground running on using this new logo as a kickstart to the many changes the League has in store for the upcoming season.


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