No One Wants To See FIFA’s New Movie

Well that title isn’t entirely true. It’s more like, no one wants to PAY to see FIFA’s new movie. The film, United Passions, about the history of FIFA and includes some of the most blatant propaganda since the Cold War, cost the Federation around $27 million and has only made around $200k in the box office so far. Granted, the film is in a limited release but I’m safe to assume that FIFA didn’t make this movie for the money. If you know the complete history of FIFA and not the selective memories they picked out for the movie, not making a movie for the money is a sharp departure of what FIFA actually does.

I personally am looking forward to seeing United Passions. I have the movie and I’m looking forward to seeing United Passions in a “so bad, it’s good” kind of way like if I was watching The Room, Miami Connection or Sharknado (all classics in the genre). I’m looking forward to riffing on it in a Mystery Science 3000 kind of way and creating a drinking game so I could get through it if it’s really horrible.

Regardless of how the film is, I like to assume that this was what happened in the FIFA offices when they came up with the idea for United Passions.

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