NYCFC supporters group has some insane demands for membership

Being a member of a supporters group is supposed to be an organic and fun experience, it is not supposed to feel like you’re applying for a second job or trying to get into a country club. One such supporters group has gone for the latter and is trying to suck the fun out of rooting for a soccer team.

Hearts of Oak is the newest NYCFC supporters group and they have gotten some attention online. One thing is this membership application which lists seven criteria one must follow in order to be a member.

Hearts of Oak

Sponsors? References? Having to give up your loyalty to other supporters groups? Is this a supporters group or a country club? Hell, I had an easier time getting this job than if I was to try to get into Hearts of Oak. I always appreciate anyone who does what they can to grow the game in the United States, but this is the work of some people who either have way too much time on their hands or want to create “The Stonecutters” of MLS supporters groups.

Hearts of Oak’s philosophy has received some banter from other fans as well as the Kansas City Cauldron, supporters group for Sporting Kansas City.

Here’s some advice, be more inclusive than exclusive. Soccer is something that should be fun and this just adds to all the other things that weigh our lives down. Also, don’t alienate fans of the same team you root for by forcing them to choose between supporters groups. We’re all fans, that should be the only requirement. Either way, welcome aboard Hearts of Oak. As long as you love the game too, the more the merrier. Good luck everyone over there.

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