Oh You Beauty!: Top 10 Goals from Week 1 of the Barclay’s Premier League

The opening week of the Premier League was filled with goals, some scrappy and some tremendous. We picked out ten of the best, just in case you weren’t able to catch them live and linked to where you can see a video of each.

1. Cattermole vs West Brom:
This goal has been described as a thunderbolt. That’s not giving this shot enough credit.

2. Clyne vs Liverpool:
Simply put, this is a magnificent goal. While Lucas should have tracked Clyne for the pass, it shouldn’t take away from the monstrous shot that Clyne needed to beat Mignolet….holy crap, LOOK AT THAT BACK HEEL PASS! Seriously, this weekend had some amazing assists.

3. Sterling vs Southampton:
This one is in here more for the assist than the actual goal. The video unfortunately starts a little late, but here, Henderson shrugs off two Southampton players and finds Sterling with a beautiful pass from his weaker foot. The pass is so well placed that Sterling only needs to touch it once to put it in the back of the net.

4. Silva vs Newcastle:
That backheel from Dzeko. What did I say above about amazing assists? This just proves that.

5. Rooney vs Swansea:
The bicycle kick is rarely seen now-a-days. There’s just something special about this over-head kick that excites people. Bravo, Mr. Rooney.

6. Schurrle vs Burnley:
Some great pinging of the ball from Chelsea, which was expertly put through by Fabregas. He finds Shurrle, who is left with a tap in.

7. Aguero vs Newcastle:
This is a great individual goal from Aguero. Good movement, good ball control, and he kept his wits about him to put the ball in when it came back to him off the keeper. Solid effort.

8. Sigurdsson vs Manchester United:
Why do I love this goal so much? Is it because it’s against United. Possibly. Is it because of Routledge’s slip? You bet. Ah man, that’s just dying for the Benny Hill theme and a banana peel sound effect. It worked, though.

9. McGeady vs Leicester
If the initial shot had gone in, it would have been a wonder goal. That doesn’t take anything away from McGeady’s shot, which was coolly placed in the upper 90 of the goal frame.

10. Weimann vs Stoke:
Weimann’s work to push through two defenders to get to this ball, and the rocket of a shot that followed, definitely were enough to put it him on this list.

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