Oh You Beauty!: Top 5 Goals of the Week 10/6/2014

1) Leonardo Bonucci vs. Roma

The two best teams in Serie A faced off and the game didn’t disappoint. Many, including me, expected a low scoring affair considering that in 10 games between both teams this season, only a single goal has been allowed. What happened was a goal fest that ended with fireworks. With the game knotted at 2-2 late in the game, Leonardo Bonucci broke the deadlock with a stunning volley to get the win for Juventus and finally put up a margin between Roma in the table. Beautiful goal + game winner = #1!

2) Saul Berjon vs. Levante

Little Eibar does it again. The team that doesn’t quit, caught up to equalize twice to draw against Levante. It was Eibar’s second goal that got the people talking. Saul Berjon set up a volley off the free kick and left Levante’s goalkeeper flat footed.

3) Fabio Quagliarella vs. Napoli

Fabio Quagliarella got behind the Napoli back line to score a beaut against Napoli. Sadly, it was their only goal and they lost 2-1 but they found a great way to take the lead.

4) Ross Wallace vs. Leicester City

To say that Burnley needed to get a result is an understatement. They had three points are are hovering in the relegation zone and went up against fellow promoter, Leicester City. Out of the few times where Burnley can get a result, this is one. With seven minutes left, Ross Wallace, as sure footed as could be, buried the free kick and preserved a point on the road. For the Burnley fans, this was a game that the team can build on to hope to get out of the relegation zone.

5) Yaya Toure vs. Aston Villa

The level of difficulty in this shot is insane. The margin of error between the defenders and the goal post is about a foot but Yaya Toure showed no hesitation and thus opened the floodgates and got Manchester City the win against Aston Villa.

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