Oh You Beauty!: Top 5 Goals of the Week 11/03/2014

5. Oscar vs QPR

This is simply the best angle to really appreciate how good this goal is. Not only is it an outside of the foot shot, but it had to loop around the keeper at an almost impossible angle. To do that first time is simply incredible.


4. Alexandre Lacazette vs Nice

This goal is here more for the set-up than the goal itself. While the goal was really well struck and would usually get on this list anyway, there was a long list that could have beaten it out. No, it’s the well trained and fluid passing that leads to the goal and leaves the defense looking stupid that gets the goal at #4 this week.


3. Victor Wanyama vs Hull City

Everybody loves a good long range goal. Just look at the Luis Suarez goal against Norwich from last year. You know the one. This one is another one of those goals where the distance is more likely to beat you than the keeper. Mishit it slightly and the ball is going over or to the side. Wanyama still had to put a good bit of pace on the ball too so it got there before the keeper had a chance to get back in the net.


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